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ACTIO Birding is the trademark for Birdwatching and Nature Tourism activities of ACTIO SL registered as a retail travel agency with the number: CV m-477-V in the register of Valencia and as active tourism company number TA-25-V in the General registry of Companies, establishments and Tourist Professions.


Birding ACTIO establishes the following conditions of booking and it is understood that any person who initiates enrollment knows and accepts. Birding ACTIO reserves the right to change them.


List of species to observe:

During the tour or trip is likely but not certain the presence of birds listed. For observation avoid any discomfort to the birds and follow the guide’s instructions at all times.

Teeing / Meeting point: to be expressed in each activity (excursion or trip)

Places: the places available in each activity are limited, although variable, for reasons of transport and accommodation. It is advisable to inquire and book in advance. If the minimum number reached the activity would have to be annulled.

Transport: transport mode will be indicated on each activity can be of private cars, vans 8 seater minibuses or buses 35 or 55. The public transport vehicles meet all safety standards required by the European Union.

Material: Binoculars are essential and the telescope is also useful although the organization will put a per group. It is very important to wear the right clothes for the season and weather conditions for each activity date, but always appropriate footwear to walk in the countryside.

Times and punctuality: Maximum punctuality is requested. The expectations of courtesy not exceed 15 minutes.

Board and lodging: the system board and lodging will be detailed in each activity.

In case of allergies, intolerances or special (vegan / vegetarian) schemes must be communicated to the organization at least 48 hours prior to departure. Birding ACTIO not responsible for any inconvenience or damage sustained by the lack of notification (or late notification) of these situations.

Travel Insurance: participants will enjoy coverage of travel insurance that covers health care, family travel to hospital, etc. For more information about policy coverage ACTIO contact Birding.


Formalize the reservation: In paragraph reserves Birding website ACTIO find a form where you can make your application for a place. It must necessarily be provided full name and DNI to formalize insurance.

Only he shall pay as ACTIO Birding expressly confirmed reservation in writing via e-mail. Payment will be made by bank transfer to Triodos Bank before the expiry of 5 calendar days from receipt of booking:

Account number: 1491-0001-27-2029479918

Title: Educational Activities Actio SL

Concept: Name of person making the reservation and activity

Once the payment should be sent the digital receipt, the screenshot of the operation or proof scanned or photographed in paper. Exceptionally sending that image will be authorized for whatsapp number 666078893 indicating: PAYMENT, + name on the reservation + name of the tour.

For those exceptionally payments made within 48 hours before the start of a tour, and having been authorized by the organization, delivery of the original receipt is asked, in hand, before the start of it.

shall be deemed not reserved any place if this procedure accurately is not met, especially in terms of payment and the provision of personal data requested.


deductions apply if the cancellation of booking by the participant in the following conditions exist:

– No later than 7 calendar days prior to the commencement of the activity: 25% withholding

– Six to four calendar days before the start of the activity: retention of 50%

– Between three one natural day before the start of the activity or performance at the meeting point at the stipulated time: 100% retention

However, if achieved ACTIO Birding fill the vacancy and has the approval of the insurance company 100% will be refunded.

ACTIO Birding could cancel the activity for reasons of force majeure (weather warnings and no group formation) in which case return the full amount to the participants without them being entitled to claim any other compensation.

If annulment, for various reasons, only a part of the activity (possible additional excursions hired, arranged visits, …) it would proceed to refund that part of the amount.

All returns shall always be made by bank transfer, which must be provided an account number.

ACTIO Birding offers the possibility that, in case of cancellation by the customer or suspension by the company, the amounts paid may be left on deposit for use on future trips so.






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